About Saint Ignatius High School

Graduate at Graduation

During his four years at Saint Ignatius High School, a student should grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He should come to realize that he is invited to follow Jesus and work with Him to build God's kingdom on earth. Just as the motto of all Jesuits is "For the Greater Glory of God," the student should come to the same orientation of making choices that honor God by doing the greater or better good. Specifically, the student should be marked by a number of characteristics.

A Saint Ignatius student is one who is open to growth. He seeks opportunities to stretch his mind, imagination, feelings, and religious consciousness.

A Saint Ignatius student is intellectually competent. He possesses an appropriate mastery of the fundamental tools of learning. He discovers his emerging intellectual skills for more advanced levels of learning.

A Saint Ignatius student is loving. He is able to move beyond self-interest or self-centeredness in his relationships with others.

A Saint Ignatius student is a religious person. He has a basic knowledge of the major doctrines, practices and spirituality of the Catholic Church. He strengthens his relationship with a religious tradition and community. (What is said here, respectful of the conscience of the individual, also applies to the students of other religious backgrounds.)

A Saint Ignatius student is committed to doing justice. He recognizes the potential within himself for doing injustice, as well as the injustices in some of the surrounding social structures. He is preparing himself to become a competent, concerned and responsible member of the world, national, local and family communities. Thus, he is beginning to appreciate the fact that Christian morality not only involves the individual conscience, but demands that each person work actively in society to positively promote social justice.

In summary, a Saint Ignatius student is a man for others.