Sophomore Service

Saint Ignatius High School shows prime concern for the development of Christian values in all students. Thus, there is strong emphasis on the promotion of faith in the service of justice in the education of the Saint Ignatius student. As a Jesuit school, Saint Ignatius tries to alert students to heed the cries of the poor, the helpless, and the oppressed; strives to prepare students to be respectful of others and of opposing views; and prepares students for subsequent leadership in building a society that is more just. To this aim, a service component, Sophomore Service, has been inserted into the curriculum, which includes 45 hours of community service as part of sophomore year Theology. Service to the community is ongoing in the upper-class years under the auspices of the Christian Action Team (CAT).

Every student, including students transferring in to Saint Ignatius High School at any grade level, must take the Sophomore Service course as part of his Theology graduation requirement. When a student takes Sophomore Service during his sophomore year, he will take it one semester, and the other semester he will take the morality course. Service placement is at the discretion of the school and often requires the student to walk to or be driven to his particular service site.

Summer Options: Arrupe Summer Program (ASP) and Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

The Sophomore Service requirement can also be fulfilled through service spent with the Arrupe Summer Program (ASP) or Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). Applications for the Class of 2017 for SEP and ASP sophomore service options are now available. Click here for more information and the application.











The director of the Sophomore Service program is Mr. Michael McLaughlin '85, e-mail him at for more information.

Saint Ignatius students fulfill their requirement for Sophomore Service including the following agencies:

  • The Cleveland Food Bank
  • The West Side Catholic Center
  • Saint Herman's House of Hospitality
  • Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Saint Rocco Day Care
  • Saint Rocco School
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
  • Urban Community School
  • Metro Catholic School
  • The Bridge Avenue School
  • Waverly Elementary School
  • Scranton Elementary School
  • Dunbar Elementary School
  • The Malachi House
  • Holy Family Cancer Home
  • Metro Health
  • The Senior Health and Wellness Center
  •  Ohio City Urban Farm/REAP