About Saint Ignatius High School

Saint Ignatius High School Board of Regents


The Board of Regents is the governing authority of Saint Ignatius High School, shouldering ultimate responsibility for the school. Board duties include: develop and establish policy for the school; assess the performance of the President and senior staff; oversee the school’s financial viability and its physical plant and support the school financially.


Bottom Row Left to Right – John Polito `70, Chuck Adler `75, Fr. Raymond P. Guiao, S.J. `82, Joe McAuliffe `80, Barb Carson

Second Row Left to Right – Shannon Fogarty Jerse, Sam Knezevic, Bill Beck `92, Jerry McKeever `66,  Katy Gibbons, Cynthia Galbincea

Third Row Left to Right – Terry Brizz `73, Janet Schuster, Fr. Donald Petkash, S.J. `58, Maureen Arbeznik, Cindy Reagan, Dr. Joe Moses `66, Walter Avdey and Eric Haddad `94

Top Row Left to Right – Kevin Ryan `80, Matt Clemens `85, Greg Ondercin `69, Fr. Martin Connell, S.J.,  Ryan Mullin `17, David Sabol `99 and Fr. Tom Fanta `79