English Department

Summer Reading 2017


The English Department’s program strengthens students’ abilities to read, think, and write analytically and effectively. We strive to create students who are not only proficient readers and writers but who understand and appreciate the context, theme, and style of literature. Our program emphasizes understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation; skills that are critical not only to the assessment of literature but to the navigation of life itself.

We believe that a Jesuit education allows for the fullest development of all human qualities and ascribe to the Jesuit ideal of eloquentia perfecta, speaking and writing artfully and fluently. Our program is therefore designed to combine critical thinking and disciplined studies with imagination and reflection. We are dedicated to forming life-long learners; men for others.

Highlights include:

  • Our senior English IV course is modeled after the freshman composition course most students will take in college.

  • The ten senior electives we offer range from Creative Writing to our Topics in Literature courses, Mythology, Baseball Literature, and Cinema as Literature.

  • Guest speakers in English classes have included Plain Dealer editors and contributors Karen Long, Jeff D’Arcy, and Bob Smith; Indians’ owner Larry Dolan '50; and Holocaust survivor Betty Gold.

  • English teachers use technology to enhance instruction: Smartboards; Sympodiums; Haiku (an on-line learning management system); student-response clickers; and computer labs.

  • Our staff includes three published authors, Fr. Bernard Streicher (The Writing Handbook), Mr. Chuck Kyle '69 (The Object of the Game), and Mr. Mark Hodermarsky (The Toe: The Lou Groza Story, The Cleveland Sports Legacy 1900-1945, Beyond Trochenbrod: The Betty Gold Story and The Cleveland Sports Legacy Since 1945).

  • Department staff includes the most veteran teacher at Saint Ignatius, Mr. Tom Pasko, Hon. '96. Mr. Pasko has been at Saint Ignatius every year since the fall of 1965.

  • English teachers staff the Writing Lab to assist students with compositions in any discipline.

  • Every student in the school is part of our ePortfolio program. These portfolios, containing samples of a student’s writing, travel with him from course to course and year to year.

  • Our student writers have won the prestigious NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing.