Welcome Saint Ignatius Students

Student Extracurricular Activities

Academic Challenge

If you like the game show Jeopardy, our club is for you. We meet once/week for an hour after school and compete against other schools in occasional Saturday tournaments throughout the year.  

Moderator: Mr. Jonathan Barker '87

Aeronautics Club

The club has flight simulation software and radio controlled planes and helicopters.  We typically meet every other Thursday.

Moderator: Mr. Jerry DeCarlo

Anime Club

The club meets weekly to view videos based on club members suggestions. Then each presentation is discussed and dissected for themes and preferences. Dubbed versus subbed is always contended. The club meets on Fridays.

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Johnson

Archery Club

The archery club is open to students of all ages and experience levels. Equipment is provided. The club focuses on teaching and practicing safe bowman-ship and increasing marksmanship. Several intra-club tournaments are held throughout the year.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Kobe and Miss Tara Henderson

Artists In Residence (A.I.R.)

The goal of this group is to raise school spirit through large artworks for special events (guests), semi-permanent display (stained glass), large gatherings (rallies), and personal requests (giant cards) and anything else the community requests. 

Moderator:  Ms. Julianna Burrows

Band Program

The Saint Ignatius Wildcat Marching Band is the largest and most active of all the music groups on the Saint Ignatius campus. This group is open to all musicians regardless of experience. The Marching Band performs at all Saint Ignatius football games, numerous parades, and takes a trip to other cities every other year. Members of this group are expected to attend Band Camp during August and be present for all performances. This is a class that meets during the school day with minimal after-school rehearsals.  The Marching Band handbook lists complete procedure and policies.  Fine Arts credit and a varsity letter can be earned for participating in this group.

  • The Jazz Ensemble is comprised of students from the concert and marching bands and the general student body. All students are invited to join the jazz ensemble. However, auditions will be required if a large number of students want to participate. The director will then select students based on their audition to become members of the jazz ensemble. The group performs at all concerts held by the concert band; and, when requested, the jazz ensemble performs outside the school for civic events.

  • The Music Pit: Each Spring, the Saint Ignatius Harlequins put on a full musical performance for members of the Saint Ignatius community. Depending on what instrumentation is needed, the musical pit provides the music for these events. The pit meets in advance of the performances to rehearse the music, and is then present for all shows. This music is often quite challenging, however students that are interested should contact Mr. Hamlin.

  • The Pep Band is open to all members of the marching and concert bands. This group performs at all home basketball games and other school events. The pep band usually performs music that was used for the marching band.

  • The Steel Pan Ensemble was founded in 2015. The group regularly rehearses twice a week in anticipation of a Spring Concert. Additionally the group will perform outside the Saint Ignatius community for various civic and social events. The goal of the Saint Ignatius Steel Pan Ensemble is to present excellent performances of quality literature in the steel pan idiom, with special emphasis on original music by contemporary composers. The Steel Pan Ensemble is an audition based group, with auditions in early Fall. For more information please contact director Dan Hamlin.

  • The Symphonic Band begins to rehearse following the Marching Season, generally in early November. This ensemble focuses on the musicality, intonation, balance and blend required to perform concert band literature at a high-level of musicianship. Performances include the OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event plus up to three (3) additional concerts, culminating with the Saint Ignatius High School Graduation Ceremony.

Moderator: Mr. Daniel Hamlin

Billiard Club

An organization open to students of all four years. Members will meet twice a month to shoot pool and once a month to watch an information video on the sport.

Moderator: Mr. Robert Wimbiscus '81

Bloodmobile (#Heroes)

Saint Ignatius was honored as having the finest bloodmobile among high schools in a three-county area. Under adult guidance, students plan and run four bloodmobiles each year, recruiting student donors and staffing the actual bloodmobiles.

This excellent service activity has grown in popularity as a way for students to donate a literal part of themselves to serve their fellow man.

Moderators: Mrs. Holly Woytek, Mrs. Darlene Hernandez, and Ms. Angela LoBue

Broadcasting Club (SIBN)

SIBN allows students the opportunity to do live play-by-play broadcasts of Ignatius football, basketball, hockey and baseball games on the internet.  Membership in this club is by audition only. 

Moderator: Mr. Jeff McCormick '83

Card Club

Card Club is for students who want to get together with friends and play card games such as poker (non-betting), euchre and others.
Moderator: Mr. Jose Torres

Cats Kick Kid's Cancer

CKKC is the umbrella group for all student-led fundraising to benefit pediatric cancer research. All funds raised go to the locally based Kick-It Foundation, a national fundraising program that sponsors kick ball games to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research. A number of fundraising events are help throughout the year, culminating with the Kick It for Kevin Kickball Tournament each spring. Student involvement includes fundraising at sporting events, contacting businesses for donations and sponsorships, selling t-shirts and raffle tickets in conjunction with the Notre Dame Club and organizing the kick ball tournament. CKKC has raised close to $150,000 over the past five years.
Moderator: Mr. Tom Healey '77 and Mr. Jim Brennan '85


Chess Club

Meets once a week. The beginning of the year is devoted to learning, teaching, and understanding the rules and nuances of the game. The middle part of the year is spent playing games and developing abilities. The annual Saint Ignatius Chess Club Tournament is played during the last part of the year. Currently there are approximately 50 members of the Chess Club scattered throughout the four years. In the future members hope to play some interscholastic matches as well as outside tournaments. 

Moderator: Mr. James Hogan

Choral Program

The Saint Ignatius High School Choral Program is recognized as one of the premiere choral programs in the state of Ohio. Our choral ensembles consistently earn high ratings at local, state, national and international festivals and adjudication and have performed at such prestigious venues such as the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist (Cleveland) and Riverside Church (New York City). Students of all abilities and experience levels are welcome to participate in one or more of our offerings.

  • The Men's Chorus is open to all students in grades 10 - 12 regardless of experience. Men's Chorus is offered as a credited, academic class which meets during the regular school day. The Men's Chorus performs frequently throughout the school year and serves as music ministers for all-school liturgies.
  • The Freshman Chorus is open to all freshmen students regardless of experience. This credited, academic class is designed to develop and enhance vocal capacity and prepare the student for participation in more advanced vocal ensembles. The Freshmen Chorus performs on select programs with the Men's Chorus.
  • The Cat-o'-Tonics is an extracurricular ensemble specializing in a cappella music of the pop, doo-wop and barbershop styles as well as music of the male glee club tradition. Members are selected from the Men's Chorus through audition. This group rehearses twice a week after school and performs frequently throughout the year for school-related and community events.
  • The A Cappella Ensemble is an extracurricular ensemble open to all students. This non-auditioned ensemble rehearses once a week after school and specializes in a cappella singing. This group performs at select concerts and venues throughout the school-year. Students wishing to audition for the Cat-o'-Tonics are highly encouraged to participate in this group.

Moderator: Mr. Jason Falkofsky

Christian Action Team (CAT)

Formed to give students opportunities to fulfill the mission of the school by practicing the Works of Mercy.  While every student is potentially a member of CAT, membership in CAT requires a student to participate in at least three school-sponsored Christian service activities and regularly attend the weekly meetings of CAT.  CAT meets every Thursday to celebrate the spirit of Christian service in the Saint Ignatius community.  CAT Meetings are where students from all four years learn about ways in which they can answer Jesus’ call to serve those most in need and sign up for unique Christian service opportunities through CAT and the Arrupe Neighborhood Partnership.  CAT publishes a weekly calendar of Christian service events and opportunities.

Moderators:  Mr. John Gill '97, Mr. Patrick Valletta '05, Mr. Connor Walters '09, Mr. Dan Galla

Christmas Food Drive Team

A massive organizational effort that provides holiday food baskets for over 600 needy families in the City of Cleveland.  The CFD Team involves the whole school community in gathering enough canned goods and money to purchase other additional food items to round out a generous food basket for each family served. The CFD coordinates the activities of over 400 people on the day of food delivery and works directly with local social service agencies.

Moderators:  Mr. John Gill '97, Mr. Pat Valletta '05, Mr. David Cicetti, Mr. Mike Cosgriff, Mrs. Brandy Emery

Circus Company

Made up of students who have an interest in juggling, magic, unicycle riding, and performance acrobatics. The club meets weekly for practice and performs at more than 150 events each year at schools, hospitals, nursing homes, scout meetings, Indians games, and many other high visibility events. They have won awards for their service activities, and many members of the club use performances (outside of school) as a means of earning extra cash.  

Moderators: Mr. Art Thomas and Mr. Chris Laco '03

College Experience Club

The purpose of club is to provide opportunities for students (juniors and seniors) who may not otherwise be able to visit college campuses because of financial and/or time constraints. We will be visiting colleges within a 2-3 hour radius for day trips. As interest and participation increase the club will eventually plan overnight trips.

Moderator: Mrs. Linda Gabor

Color Guard

The Color Guard, continuing a tradition of more than three decades, presents the colors of the United States and the US military at all home football and basketball games.

Moderator: Mr. Rory Hennessey '78

Comedy Club

Comedy Club is for any Ignatius student who not only appreciates a good joke, but also the art form of telling one. Through analyzing sitcoms, standup specials, and improvisational shows, the students will garner an appreciation for comedic timing and appropriate joking. Meeting once or twice a month, the Comedy Club offers students a way to laugh off the end of a long school day.

Moderator: Mr. Jim Murphy '99

Culinary Club

Will introduce students to basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, and proper food handling. The Club will draw from different ethnic groups and culinary traditions for its inspiration and meeting ideas. Meetings will consist of in-kitchen, hands-on cooking classes as well as field trips to local restaurants' kitchens. Students will have the opportunity to cook and share the meals together. The Culinary Club will also invite local chefs to our kitchen for demonstrations. 

Moderator:  Ms. Raffaella Barnes

Cycling Club

This club’s purpose is to promote the riding of bicycles, be it to school, off road or distance riding. Some organized rides after school or on weekends are planned. Safety and rules of biking are stressed. The club is open to anyone with a love of cycling or a desire to get started.
Moderator: Mr. Ed Nolan and Mr. Mike Strauss '87

DJ Club

The DJ Club meets biweekly in The Breen Center to discuss the art of being a disc jockey. We provide music for all freshman mixers and various other in and out of school events, such as Freshman Spirit Day and homecoming dances around the area. We mix many different styles of music, but focus primarily on electronic and dance. If you have an interest in music or becoming a DJ, be sure to stop by!

Moderator: Mr. Dan Hamlin


The Harlequins perform a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Saint Ignatius boys work with girls from area schools to produce two high-quality theatrical events. Besides being an outlet for creative skills, dramatic activity has helped many students obtain scholar-ships at colleges. Backstage, students work as production assistants, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, and in areas such as set construction and painting, and during productions on stage and prop crews. 

Moderators: Fr. Ross Pribyl, S.J. and Mrs. Christina Stires


Saint Ignatius High's school newspaper, which comes out about once a quarter. The staff solicits articles from all students. Any student who wishes to submit an article to The Eye is encouraged to do so. Once a student submits an article that is accepted by the staff, he is eligible to apply for a staff editor internship. Any sophomore, junior, or senior is eligible for such an internship. Good writing skills are the only requisite. These interns will work with page editors to learn the word processing, layout, and paste-up skills necessary to create the various pages of the paper. Work on the paper usually involves time after school as well as one Saturday or Sunday per month. Besides writers and editors, The Eye also encourages students with an artistic talent to submit cartoons and other pieces of their artwork for the paper's use.  

Moderators: Mr. David Sabol '99, Mr. Mark Pecot '91, Mr. Connor Walters '09

Fishing Club

Meets monthly to promote the fine art of angling. All grade levels are welcome. The club's primarily purpose is to promote fishing. We will have guest speakers and demonstrations on various types of fishing. Members are encouraged to bring pictures and stories of their recent outings.  

Moderator:  Mr. Dan Baron

French Club

Includes students from all four levels who have an interest in broadening their knowledge, practicing their French, and who enjoy French culture. Members may take advantage of after-school meetings with small group discussions and viewing French films.

Moderator: Ms. Christine Piatak

Friends with L'Arche

A ministry in partnership with L’Arche Cleveland, a faith community for adults with developmental disabilities.  This ministry features a monthly visit by Saint Ignatius students to two of the L’Arche homes.  Students bring a prepared dinner for the community and share in the post-meal prayer to develop personal relationships with L’Arche’s core members.  Friends with L’Arche also sponsors an annual liturgy at Saint Ignatius for people with developmental disabilities, their families and friends. 

Moderators: Mr. Marty Dybicz

Golfers for Others

An after school activity for students of all skill levels and interest in the game of golf, through which students can not only "exercise" their physical talents on various golf courses, but students can also "exercise" their willingness to help others in the process. The golfers for others club raises money through each outing that it puts on and donates those proceeds to various agencies of need. Additionally, club members are given the opportunity to work with Youth Challenge, volunteering to assist students with disabilities learn to play and enjoy the game of golf.  

Moderator:  Mr. Tim Evans '87

Gonzaga Society

A prayer ministry that meets weekly to pray for the needs of the Saint Ignatius community. Prayer takes place before the Tabernacle before school on Tuesday mornings.

Moderator: Mr. Dan Galla

Green Team

Exists because our Christian tradition teaches us that we must cherish the gift of creation as we use it for the purpose the Creator intended. Recognizing our role as 'stewards' on God's earth, we emphasize awareness and action. First, it is our goal to have a heightened awareness of the problems that face our world. Secondly, out of compassion for all living things, human and non-human, we act to establish and maintain a healthy, balanced environment for the present and future.

Moderators: Mr. Tim Evans '87 and Mr. Terence McCafferty '97

Historical Society

The Saint Ignatius Historical Society offers students the opportunities to go on field trips, include a historical tour of Ohio City, and other regional historical sites.  Has a monthly showing of historical movies along with food.  Holds monthly board game tournaments, including Axis and Allies, Risk, and Stratego.  Plays board games and discusses history among other things each week and finally holds Tea Socials to discuss history and socialize in a civilized fashion.

Moderators: Mr. Dave Cicetti and Mr. Bob Wimbiscus '81

Ignatians for Life

A student organization dedicated to promoting and defending all life from the womb to the tomb.    Embracing the Catholic teachings of a consistent ethic of life, students will actively engage in the promotion of Catholic teaching on all life issues including but not limited to abortion, death penalty, embryonic stem cell research, and more.  Students meet periodically to discuss issues, hear presentations from guest speakers, and learn about the issues surrounding these subjects.  Also students participate in activities such as the Rosary for Life, death penalty vigils at Lucasville State penitentiary, and the Annual March for Life in January in Washington DC. 

Moderator:  Mr. Augie Pacetti

Ignatians for Peace and Justice (St. Francis of Assisi Peace and Justice Ministry)

Strives to support students in their quest to live out their faith by building just relationships which lead to a lasting peace.  Committed to student formation within the framework of Catholic Social Teaching, IPJ is dedicated to providing opportunities that allow students to grow in awareness of social justice issues through facilitating participation in meaningful and appropriate social action.  IPJ facilitates annual events such as the Informed Ignatians debates, the March for Life, Respect Life Month, and much more.  In addition, IPJ is the Ignatius chapter of the Diocesan organization Catholic Students for Peace and Justice.  

Moderators: Mr. James Brennan '85 and Mr. Tim Evans '87

Ignatians on Politics

Includes the following three groups: Conservative Caucus, Liberal Caucus and Libertarian Club.

  • The Conservative Caucus meets twice a month to discuss politics, take political action, and increase membership in the conservative movement.  We are guided by the doctrine of the Catholic Church and then look to the social analysis and social strategies of Catholics.  We are confident that conservatism, rightly defined, represents true social justice for all, including the poor, women, all cultures and countries, all races and ethnicities, and all sexual orientations, whom we strive to serve by promoting the truth in love. Moderator: Mr. Marty Dybicz
  • The Liberal Caucus of the Informed Ignatians seeks to explore and discuss, from a progressive/liberal perspective, topics such as human rights, the environment, and the role of government. The group meets regularly throughout the school year to screen films, host guest speakers, plan school-wide events in conjunction with the other members of the Informed Ignatians, and to chat about current events. Students of all grade levels are welcome. Moderator: Mr. Bob Corrigan
  • Libertarian Club seeks to protect the liberty and freedom of the individual, in accord with the Church's teachings on solidarity and personal dignity. The club promotes natural rights; limited, constitutional, and consensual government; and the free market. Moderator: Mr. Brian Dybicz '99


The Murphy Field House has two full basketball courts, an elevated running track, weight room, wrestling room, and the Intramural/Physical Education Office. The purpose of the Field House is simple: a place for students to go after school to compete in organized intramural activities. When intramural activities are not scheduled, the building will be open and supervised for a variety of student activities from pick-up basketball to volleyball. It is a goal of Saint Ignatius High School to allow as many students as possible to compete or participate in as many sports or activities as possible. The Field House makes this goal realistic.  

Moderator: Mr. James Michals

J.C.W.A./MUN (Junior Council of World Affairs)

Participates in Model United Nations with other high schools. Students travel to college and university campuses which sponsor, for a weekend, the Model UN. Participants represent an assigned country at a Model UN to debate, politic, and give speeches before both committees and the General Assembly in an attempt to gain support for resolutions that are in their country's interest. Prior to the Model UN, students research the position of their assigned country on six issues which have been placed on the agenda for that session, prepare position papers, and meet in strategy sessions with students from neighboring schools who form a geographical `bloc'. JCWA is open to all grade levels, and workshops are offered to students seeking practice or experience. Public speaking is not required; but an interest in world affairs, government, geography or politics is helpful. 

Moderator: Mr. Dennis Arko and Mr. Peter Corrigan '69

Kairos Forever Club

For those students who have already gone on Kairos and want to continue to “Live the Fourth.” 

Moderator:  Fr. Frank Canfield, S.J.

Latin Club

A growing extracurricular which complements the students' involvement in the Latin language, Roman history, and ancient culture. This year the club plans to publish a Latin Eye which will be written completely in Latin and which will accommodate all levels of Latin students. The club plans to continue its philanthropic activities such as the Easter Egg Hunt which was a joint venture with St. Joseph Academy last year. The club will also continue its tradition of making banners for select football games. The organization is always looking for new sources of enthusiasm and zeal. 

Moderator: Mr. Joseph Zebrak '87

Liturgical Musicians Ensemble

Comprised of student vocalists and student instrumentalists who lead the musical worship of the Saint Ignatius High School community. Students rehearse weekly after school in preparation for Eucharistic liturgies and prayer services. Students interested in participating in ANY capacity are encouraged to contact the director.

Moderator: Mr. Jason Falkofsky

Magic Card Club

A club for students who play Magic and other collectable card games.  The club gathers on the first day of each week for one-on-one, team, color, and emperor matches.  At least once a quarter there is a Type I or Type II tournament.  The club keeps members aware of the latest releases and expansions to the CCA.

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Johnson '79

Math Club

Members of the Saint Ignatius Math Club have the opportunity to participate in the national high school math club -- MU ALPHA THETA. Students meet periodically to see interesting and unusual films. They also discuss fascinating and intriguing problems as well as participate in just plain fun projects such as math card tricks, race car mathematics on a grid system, and "mind reading" feats using mathematics as well as the mathematics of billiards and ZENN. Problems involving the Ohio Math League Contest and the Annual High School Exam are discussed and analyzed in order for students to successfully compete in these contests. 

Moderators: Mr. Jon Barker '87, Mrs. Cindy Reagan and Mr. David Sabol '99

Men of Regis

A ministry is in partnership with the West Side Catholic Center that enables Saint Ignatius students and people served by the Catholic Center to share food and fellowship at a common table. Taking place three days each week during the sixth lunch period, a team of students, along with a faculty person, develop relationships with people in need.

Moderator: Mr. Jim Brennan '85

Mission Collection Team

Solicits and distributes funds from the student body to provide monetary support to non-profit social service agencies and families in emergency need.  The Mission team is empowered to direct the funds of the 25 weekly mission collections, often totaling more than $20,000 each year.

Moderator:  Ms. Gayle Scaravilli

Modern Music Club

Modern music club listens to and discusses all genres of music and compositions from the late 20th and 21st centuries. A brief summary and history of the music is provided at each meeting. Students are welcome to bring appropriate music suggestions to meetings. This club meets once a week.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Catherine Koehler

Multicultural Student Union

Dedicated to  providing a wide variety of cultural and social experiences to encourage students to explore and understand cultural similarities and differences that exist among the student body.  As Ignatius students we feel it is important to recognize and share the traditions and values of our own culture and to actively discover and open ourselves to the customs of our fellow classmates.  Multicultural Student Union is open to ALL students. 

Moderator: Mr. Jason Reed

National Honor Society

The purpose of the National Honor Society chapter at Saint Ignatius High School is to create enthusiastic scholarship, to present opportunities to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character. Historically, the NHS has come to be recognized and utilized as a service organization in our school; members serve as tour guides, ushers, and greeters at numerous school and community events throughout the year. Information will be provided to students in the winter of their junior year regarding applications. Criteria for applying will be emailed to all juniors, and those eligible to apply may do so. Students with documented incidences of cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be considered for membership; students with disciplinary violations, or a significant number of tardies or absences will also not be considered.
Note: Continued membership in the NHS is contingent upon active participation expressed in the constitution and by maintaining the appropriate academic level and disciplinary status. Any member who falls below the standards that were the basis of his election shall be either warned or dismissed as a member. Any flagrant violation of school or community rules, such as, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, violation of drug and alcohol policy, insubordination, illegal entrance, or theft of school property, will be dismissed immediately. Once a member is dismissed, he is never again eligible for NHS membership. If a student has already applied to college with NHS membership on his resume, he will be expected to notify those colleges, in writing, of his dismissal from the organization. If the student chooses not to do so, the moderator will notify those colleges.

Moderator: Mrs. Nikki Henderson and Dr. Terra Caputo Charlillo

Nerf Club

The Nerf Club meets randomly throughout the school year, both on and off campus to play team and individual elimination games with more than 50 Nerf products. SINC has a healthy inventory of Nerf Gaming equipment for use by all members. These games include capture the flag, zombies, and other team and clan games. This club is open to students of all grade levels.

Moderator: Mr. Ryan Franzinger '02

Notre Dame Club

The Notre Dame Club is a social club that meets once a week to discuss all things Notre Dame.  The Club typically hosts a “watch party” for a Notre Dame football, basketball, or hockey game a couple times a year and hosts film sessions having to do with Notre Dame history, as well.  The Club brings in a speaker, often a famous alum of Notre Dame, once a year and occasionally coordinates events with the local Alumni Chapter of Notre Dame.  Most importantly, the Notre Dame Club sponsors, organizes, and runs the annual Rudy Bowl, a flag football tournament, and Kick It, a kickball tournament; and the proceeds of both benefit cancer research.  They are dedicated to the memories of Conor Murphy and Kevin Healey, Ignatius grads who proudly attended Notre Dame.  The Notre Dame Club also sponsors, with Student Senate, “The Shirt” with Student Senate.  Proceeds from The Shirt also go to charity.

Moderators:  Mr. Tom Healey '77

Off-Center Troupe

This is the school’s theatrical alternative.  Spinning around Cleveland Theatre Conference and The Ohio Educational Theater groups, the troupe performs challenging off-Broadway style one-act plays and full length productions from September into April.  The troupe performs at home but most on other campuses such as Beaumont High School, Ashland University and Baldwin–Wallace College.

Moderator: Mr. Hugh McManamon '76


Committed to growing fresh food on the campus of Saint Ignatius High School.  Through this endeavor, we will build relationships with each other, our neighbors, our Earth, and ultimately our God, the giver and sustainer of all life.  The Ploughmen seek to educate themselves and others about local food production and contemporary food issues.

Moderators:  Mr. Terence McCafferty '97 and Mr. Mike Strauss '87

Poster Club

A school service organization that produces signs for advertising and celebrating events at Saint Ignatius. Faculty members and other student organizations make requests for posters,and the Poster Cats design and display them.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Prokop

Pre-Law Club

Meets twice a month to listen to local attorneys and judges, discuss future careers in law, and to work hands-on with tools used in the field. The Pre-Law club connects with alumni in different areas of law to get different perspectives and ideas upon entering a career in law. This club is meant to gauge interest in a career in law and to provide possible opportunities to get to know local attorneys in the process. This club is open to students of all four years. The clubs meets on Mondays two days a month.

Moderator: Mr. Jerry Skoch '77 and Mr. Mike Howard

Pre-Med Society

The club is in existence to inform youth of the Saint Ignatius student body about the medical profession.  The society has guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and activities (e.g. Health Fair) to promote interest and expand knowledge about the medical profession.  Membership to this society is open to all grade levels of Saint Ignatius High School.

Moderator:  Ms. Tara Henderson

Robotics Club

A club for students who want to learn to design, build, wire, program, and operate robotic vehicles.  The major event of the year is the US FIRST Robotics competition in which students team with engineers and other adults to produce a wheeled robot that can perform a given set of tasks.  No prior knowledge of robots is needed to join.  

Moderator:  Mr. Robert Ward '65

Rock 'n' Roll Club

The Rock 'n' Roll Club was established to foster musical relationships of school-sanctioned clubs/bands. Although the focus is on Rock 'n' Roll, all instruments and musical genres as well as abilities are welcomed. Students are encouraged to form bands and make friends. The club meets every Monday (usually in the lobby of The Breen Center).

Moderator: Mr. Brian Holleran

Runners for Others

The Runners for Others club is a group of students, faculty and staff who gather together for the love of running and helping others. The group runs together after school on a weekly basis and particpipates collectively in a variety of local 5Ks and fun runs that benefit numerous charities.
Moderator: Mr. Ed DeVenney


The Saint Ignatius High School Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) Chapter has close to 200 members. These students have promised each other that they will not ride in a car where the driver has been impaired by intoxicating substances. This is followed up with a "Contract for Life" with the student’s parents. This contract states that if there is a situation where the student should not be riding with someone, the student will be provided with safe passage home and the incident not discussed until a later time. S.A.D.D. encourages all students to adopt a "No Use" policy to drinking and drug use, following the Mission Statement for all chapters: "To provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drunk driving, drug abuse and other destructive decisions."  At Saint Ignatius the students participate in making the school community more aware of dangers associated with underage drinking. The group sponsors guest speakers and displays posters at and before school dances as a means of raising student and faculty awareness. Other S.A.D.D. sponsored campaigns are intended to continually support the decisions of students who do not drink and do not ride with those who have been drinking.

Moderator: Mrs. Mary Catherine Koehler and Mrs. Melissa Lessick

St. Benedict Joseph Labre Ministry to the Homeless 

A weekly ministry designed to share food, faith and friendship with the homeless poor of Cleveland.  While Labre involves preparing and delivering food to people living on the streets of Cleveland, it also and more importantly is designed to develop transforming relationships with people in need.  This activity meets each Sunday evening and goes throughout the year.

Moderators: Mr. Ed Nolan, Mr. Connor Walters '09 and Mr. Ed Plaspohl

St. Camillus Fraternity of Care

A Sunday morning ministry in partnership with Metro Hospital that assists in the transportation of patients to Sunday Mass in the hospital. The Fraternity is a Eucharistic ministry of prayer and presence. Teams of students visit and pray with the patients they transport to the liturgy. They also assist the hospital chaplain in bringing the Eucharist to Catholic patients.

Moderators:  Mr. Drew Vilinsky '97

St. John Berchmans Society

The Saint John Berchmans Society, named for the Jesuit patron saint of altar servers, is comprised of Ignatius men who volunteer to serve Mass at school functions, the TV Mass on Channel 8, and the Fest.  Some members serve Latin Mass at St. Stephen's Church.

Moderators: Mr. Jim Brennan '85 and Mr. Dan Galla

St. Joseph of Arimathea Pallbearer Ministry

Has been established to practice the corporal works of mercy by offering pallbearer services free of charge to those in need, especially the poor.  In affirming the value and dignity of human life, the pallbearer ministry represents the community at a person’s final commendation.  Another important dimension of this ministry is to commemorate and pray for the dead.

Moderators:  Mr. Dan Baron, Mr. Patrick Valletta '05 and the Alumni Volunteers

St. Michael Company to Support Our Troops

Usually meets the first and third Mondays of each month in order to appreciate the service rendered by our troops, write them letters of support, conduct care package drives, and honor them on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. 

Moderator: Mr. Marty Dybicz

St. Monica Monday Night Meal

Supporting those seeking alcohol addiction recovery by sharing in meal, prayer and companionship monthly.

Moderator:  Mr. Tim Evans '87

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad is a national nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition of outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. The Science Olympiad Tournaments are academic interscholastic competitions, which consist of a series of twenty-three individual and team events that students prepare for during the year. These challenging and motivational events are well balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, and technology. There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and application. Although the Science Olympiad is a competitive event, most events are team competitions which require teamwork, group planning and cooperation. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, having fun, and developing team spirit.  

Moderators: Mr. Thomas Bogen and Mr. Robert Ward '65


A new venture at Saint Ignatius in which students participate in an extra curricular club AND take classes to augment and enhance their learning.  At the end of four years, young men may earn a "certificate of completion" they can use to apply to college business programs.  In club meetings and activities, we discuss entrepreneurship, business management, finance, and many other topics.  Our enterprising young men compete for real investment dollars in our stock games and our business plan competitions. Paid summer internships are available in which a student shadows an alumnus entrepreneur for four weeks.  Along with regular attendance, members are encouraged to take Economics, AP Economics, and Entrepreneurship Studies to round out the program.  

Moderator: Mr. Dan Hess

Ski Club

Gives an opportunity at reasonable cost to either learn or improve skiing skills. Boston Mills provides an instructive and safe area for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Cost varies if skis are rented or transportation is required.

Moderator: Mr. Joseph Buzzelli


An academic, interscholastic competition in which students strive for excellence through performance and friendship at a weekly convocation. The program is open to all students. There are categories for students to utilize their interpersonal public speaking skills in the areas of current events; theatre performances,  both humorous and dramatic; interpretation of literature, including prose, poetry, and oratory; and logical argumentation of policy and values. Competition exists at the local, regional, state,  and national levels. Opportunities abound for the chance to receive trophies, certificates, and monetary stipends. Students are invited and encouraged to attend civic oratory contests and democratic forums such as those sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, and The City Club. More important is the reward of being selected to the National Forensic League, a national society, and the recognition of success and admiration by one’s peers.

Moderators: Mr. Joseph Buzzelli and Mr. Richard Fujimoto '66

Spring Into Action

Gathering for one day to renew and refresh the neighborhoods of the near West Side of Cleveland through a variety of Christian service projects and sites. 

Moderator: Mr. John Gill '97

Stage & Tech Crew

Parts of the school's drama program. For the fall play and the spring musical, the crews are responsible for building the sets, acquiring the props, and setting the light and sound systems. During rehearsals and performances the crews change the sets and operate the light and sound systems. 

Moderator: Mr. Tobias Peltier

Student Senate

Comprised of officers elected by the entire student body and the appointed cabinet members, represents the students and provides leadership for student activities.  The Senate committees are responsible for a variety of programs, among them Homecoming, Winter Formal, Christmas on Campus, the Arrupe Halloween Party, Easter on Campus, rallies, sports tournaments, and the coffee houses. The Senate strives to involve students in these events.  It also seeks to maintain communication with students, faculty, and administration. Elections are held in the spring. 

Moderators: Mr. William Kelley '62 and Mr. Joseph Popelka '84

Student Sports Information Department (SSID)

The students in this position facilitate the dissemination of information about Saint Ignatius Athletics for internal and external consumption.  Under the supervision of the club moderator, SSID’s will be required to do the following:  compose articles about teams for the Saint Ignatius website, post articles and statistics to the website in a timely way, alert local media of scores and statistics as directed by the moderator and coaching staffs.

Moderator:  Mr. Jeff McCormick '83

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The purpose of this club is to promote, organize, and develop an inclusive Ultimate Frisbee club for all St. Ignatius High School students, under the superior mission statement of Saint Ignatius High School, providing the equal opportunity to play socially and at the highest competitive intramural level. The club also demonstrates and teaches the value of team sports for health and social benefits of its members.

Moderator: Mr. Mark Kaiser '06


The school literary magazine, is published twice a year and contains stories, poems, nonfiction, and art work submitted by the students of every grade level. AudioVista is a division of the literary magazine which releases compilations of musical numbers performed by the members of the student body.  The staff is comprised of editors, proofreaders, typists, and artists. 

Moderator:  Mr. Patrick Gallagher '04

Wildcat Movers and Snowmen for Others

Assembles weekly (or more often, as the need arises) to move material belongings of people or social services in dire need. The Movers also direct the Wildcat Snowmen, shoveling snow for senior citizens in our neighborhood. 

Moderators:  Mr. Patrick Valletta '05 and the Alumni Volunteers

Yearbook Club

The Ignatian is Saint Ignatius High School’s yearbook. Beginning with the 2000-2001 book, the Ignatian is complete-year yearbook and therefore is delivered in the fall of the next year.  Every senior receives an Ignatian, the cost of which is included in his graduation fee at a discount. Underclassmen must order their Ignatian. Students are invited to join the staff any time during the school year.  Writers, researches, photographers, layout assistants, proof readers, typists, and filers are often needed. In order to get involved a student simply needs to come any day after school to the Ignatian Office, which is located at the top of the main staircase in the tower (next to the Tower Room). Editors and editors-in-chief for next year's book are chosen each spring, and training at a yearbook workshop is offered each summer. 

Moderators:  Mr. Ed DeVenney