Fine Arts Department

The Fine Arts are an integral part of a student’s academic development, serving to cultivate them through optical and aural aesthetic experiences. All students are encouraged to pursue their artistic interests.  Our courses balance the overall learning process by offering alternatives to deductive reasoning and the purely rational and factual areas of study.  This is, therefore, a more experiential, inductive and creative approach to learning through which the student is able to exhibit his own personal expression.  As a result, he learns something valuable about himself and is able to communicate that to others.

  • Art Teacher Julianna Burrows is the driving force behind the Visual Art and Scholastic Art and Writing Award winners. Ms. Burrows also had her students participate in the “Memory Project.” As part of the project, $3,100 was raised to help support the children’s education. 

  • There are approximately 12,000 regional entries for the Governor's Show each year.  Of these entries, only 2,500 artworks are regional finalists.  Of these 2,500 artworks, only 300 are selected for the state exhibition.  Our regional winners include:
    Michael Daugenti '17, Red and Orange Coil Pot
    William Deucher '18, Symbols
    William Deucher '18, Modern Movement
    William Deucher '18, Moving Day
    William Deucher '18, David
    Max Fisher '18, Untitled Abstract
    Edward Kilarsky '17, All Shapes and Sizes
    Cal Miller '17, Time
    Seth Whitney '17, Back Light

  • Cal Miller '17 is a winner in the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking's 5th annual Arts Challenge. The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking is a group of concerned persons and organizations in northern Ohio whose mission is to educate and advocate for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking, while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons.