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We develop each student to reflect the grad-at-grad characteristics. The study of language and culture of other peoples will provide students with the opportunity to see the world through different eyes, thus making him open to growth and loving in his understanding of others and of new situations. The study of language is intellectually challenging. Indeed, learning another language requires the highest level of analytical skills, resulting in men who are intellectually competent. Furthermore, knowledge of - and appreciation for - other cultures leads students toward a commitment to seek justice for all of God’s people. Finally, the religious beliefs and traditions of other cultures enable the student to see and understand more clearly the beliefs and traditions of his own faith. We hope to develop young men with the knowledge, intellectual acuity, self-discipline, and heart to change the world.

The language department offers four years of French, Latin and Spanish at all levels and culminates in AP courses in all of the target languages.  Ancient Greek is also available to juniors and seniors who would like to take a second language.

Cura personalis inspires us to offer frequent tutoring sessions in all of our target languages as well as a fundamental Latin class, Nova Fundamentalis Latina (NFL), for freshmen who may have difficulty with language learning. 

Our students rank nationally on the annual French, Latin and Spanish national exams and are frequent winners of Maison Française de Cleveland 's annual competition.

Students are encouraged to enjoy language and culture beyond what they learn in the classroom. 

The Latin club puts on Chariot Races and Gladiator games, the French club hosts guest speakers, such as De Sagana Diop and Christian Eyengaand pétanque tournements, and the Spanish club holds a conversation table, "Hablurritos", which meets once per month at Ohio City Burrito.

Department highlights include:

    • One of the largest elective Latin programs in the nation and our students annually garner major scholarships to John Carroll University, Xavier University, and Holy Cross College to further their study in Latin and Greek.

    • Eleven teachers with Masters Degrees and one with a PhD.  Our French faculty includes a National Board Certified teacher and one who studied at the Sorbonne.  Our Spanish faculty includes one native speaker and several who have led summer mission trips.  Our Latin and Greek faculty includes seven Saint Ignatius alumni.

    • Annual trips, led by our legendary teachers, to Italy, France, and Spain enrich the cultural awareness and historical relevance of our target languages.

    • Each year we host World Languages Week, providing a wealth of activities from international liturgies to chariot races to our famous food extravaganza to educate and enrich the entire school community.

    • Language programs including the Grade School French Program, Grade School Latin Program and Grade School Spanish Program are offered to sixth, seventh and eighth graders to introduce elementary students to the language and culture before entering high school.
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