Mathematics Department

In the Saint Ignatius Mathematics Department, we help students develop the critical thinking skills essential not only for questions they will find on a geometry exam, SAT, or AP test, but also to analyze complex situations in financial markets, a chemistry lab, or a moral dilemma. We believe that math applies to all avenues of a young man's future not because he will need to compute sums and products, but because he will need to organize, process, conclude, and evaluate countless times along his journey--indeed, countless times each day! Further, our faculty believe that mathematics is the language with which our students can better understand the world around them, and in turn, better understand God's Creation.

We have a long history of excellence and success in mathematics education. As a mathematics department in a Jesuit high school, we put a strong emphasis on cura personalis by both challenging and tutoring each student based on his individual needs. Here are a few highlights of our program:

  • We emphasize a solid foundation in Algebra while still offering opportunities to complete Advanced Placement courses by senior year for motivated students.

  • Based on college mathematics professors' recommendations, our curriculum sets up students for success on the college level.

  • Courses have specially-developed sections to accommodate struggling students.

  • Our math faculty offers 239 total years of experience in math education--213 of which have been at Saint Ignatius High School. That is an average of 18 years per teacher.

  • Department tutor Fr. Jack Murphy is on hand to hold scheduled weekly tutoring sessions with students.

  • Two rooms in the Math Wing are dedicated to one-on-one tutoring in addition to the newly-renovated Walton Center for Learning.

  • Peer tutors are available 7 periods per day every day and 3 afternoons per week.

  • Our faculty emphasize a combination of critical thinking skills and communication of their conclusions. Communication is one of the most vital 21st century skills.

  • Math teachers use iPads, custom video tutorials, SmartBoards, Sympodiums, online homework systems, and state of the art software to bring material to life.

  • We have offered Advanced Placement Statistics since 1997, the first year the College Board offered it.

  • Over the last 5 years, 88% of our AP Calculus BC students scored a 5 on the AP exam, with 99% scoring a 3 or higher. In addition, 83% of all AP Calculus AB students scored a 3 or higher during the same time period. Combined, both AP Calculus AB and BC have a 90% pass rate (3 or higher) over the last 5 years.

  • 30% of graduating seniors take at least one math AP course and test before graduating (based on the last 4 graduating classes).

  • Our 8th grade algebra program offers Catholic grade school boys and girls the chance to take high school algebra in a high school classroom every school day. For more information, click here.