Admissions Staff

Mr. Pat O'Rourke '90

Director of Admissions


Mr. Jason Reed '95

Director of Multicultural and Retention Services


My father is a pipefitter who graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in 1962.  When I was younger, he took me to many Ignatius basketball and football games, and I still remember being impressed by the sprawling campus on West 30th and Lorain.  Now, I take my three sons to Ignatius games (Grandpa Bob often joins us) and I secretly hope that they fall in love with the school as I did. 

I attended Saint Ignatius myself, class of 1990, and later taught here for 10 years.  I discovered there is much more to Ignatius than just a beautiful campus.  The teachers are knowledgeable, inventive, and challenge their students every day.  Our students are intellectually curious and seek more than just “the right answers.”  They want to understand the process along the way.  School spirit is enthusiastic, genuine, and contagious.  Perhaps most notable is the willingness of the students (and faculty, for that matter) to get involved, be it in extracurricular clubs or with service organizations. 

I want my sons to spend four of the most important years of their lives with people like this. Ignatius men are good influences and indeed “Men for Others” – sometimes that means digging a latrine for a family in the Dominican Republic, and sometimes it simply means holding the door for a lady on campus.  Either way, we’re willing to help.

My goal as Admissions Director is to make attending Saint Ignatius an opportunity that students from all over the Cleveland area, be they sons of doctors or sons of pipefitters, can realistically seize if they work hard in grade school and do the right things. 

- Pat O'Rourke '90

Mr. Joseph Zebrak '87

Assistant Director of Admissions

Mrs. Shannon Fujimura

Administrative Assistant to Offices of Admission & Multicultural and Retention Services