Transfer Students

Transfer Application

Though it is rare, Saint Ignatius High School does accept transfer students, most commonly after the student’s freshman year of high school is complete.  Students who apply for a transfer should understand that they are applying to begin school at Saint Ignatius High School in August of the following school year.  Any student interested in transferring to Saint Ignatius must fill out a transfer application and scan and email a copy of his current grades, as well as standardized test scores (e.g. CAT, Iowa Basics, PLAN, etc.) to Mr. Patrick O'Rourke '90 at to be considered for acceptance. 

The student must also download and distribute the teacher and pastor referral forms in a timely enough fashion that they can be filled out by the appropriate people and mailed to Saint Ignatius High School before May 1. 

The transfer application may be submitted separately from the report cards, standardized test scores, and referrals, but a student's application will not be considered until all four components have been submitted and received by the Admissions Office. 


The deadline for applying for a transfer to Saint Ignatius is May 1.  A mandatory interview will be required during the month of May. Students will be notified by the Admissions Office to schedule an appointment. 

Decisions on potential transfer students will be made by the Admissions Committee no later than June 1.  Any student who has submitted the complete transfer paperwork (application, grades, referrals, and standardized test scores) before May 1st will be notified of the Committee's decision by mail before June 1st.    

Financial Aid

Families who wish to apply for financial assistance, should their sons be admitted, may begin that process by reading the Tuition section of the Saint Ignatius website (

Registration and Scheduling

Once a student is accepted, he will go through the normal registration process, which takes 3-4 weeks.  Included in this process is the payment of a $250 registration fee.  As part of this process, the Counseling Department and the student will meet to go over his transcripts and will work together to set up his academic schedule for the fall.  Each transfer student who is accepted to Saint Ignatius High School will be assigned a mentor as part of the CAMP program offered by our Counseling Department.


Any transfer student who plays interscholastic athletics should presume that he will be ineligible at his new school for the first half of the season of any sport he played interscholastically at his previous school (i.e. intramurals do not count).  There are exceptions to this rule, but they are few and difficult to prove. 

Any student who transfers to Saint Ignatius and feels he meets one of the criteria for an exception should state his case to the Athletic Director, Rory Fitzpatrick, by email at as soon as possible after his official acceptance. The Athletic Director and the Admissions Director will then decide whether an exception, in fact, can be applied. Should that be the case, the Athletic Director and the Admissions Director will fill out the proper paperwork and work closely with the OHSAA to determine the athlete’s eligibility status at Saint Ignatius.